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Shelly May Roby is the creator and host of The Firebelly Chronicles, an online web show and blog dedicated to supporting, inspiring and motivating individuals pursuing a creative path.

Previous to creating The Firebelly Chronicles, Shelly was a television producer, producing for various television shows and networks including, The Oprah Show, Discovery Channel, MTV, HGTV, FOX, as well as other various television and film production houses.

Most recently, Shelly worked with New York Times bestselling author, Marci Shimoff, supporting her in both her New York Times bestselling books Happy for No Reason and Love for No Reason.

She was also an online producer for Evolving Wisdom – the fastest growing global e-learning community specializing in transformative education.

Shelly has a love for telling the individual’s story and how it can add benefit to her audience’s lives. Through her love of documentary film, she met and worked with legendary documentary filmmaker, Les Blank, one of her creative role models.

Shelly holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from UCLA and a Master of Fine Arts degree from SFSU. She is also a graduate of The Coaches Training Institute, the largest and oldest in-person coach training school in the world.

Throughout all of her creative projects, Shelly says she is most proud of working with, and establishing relationships with, creative individuals who empower, support, and inspire her.

She says, “It’s the story and soul of the individual I am most inspired by, these people who had a fire in their belly and gave birth to it, no matter what – this is what energizes me – these are the people I am obsessed with, and who I love.”



JUST ADDED: 3-Month Coaching Program [Beginning November 10th]

Beginning November 10th I’ve decided to take on coaching a small group of individuals for my never before offered 3-Month Coaching Program. The small group will be coached individually once a week for 3-Months. I am unable to accommodate a large group because of my schedule, but I have decided to bring on a small group from November 10th – February 10th.

We’ll also come together virtually once a month as a group and support one another in achieving what we are all individually setting out to achieve. This once a month group also offers a safe container to discuss obstacles we may be facing and a space to celebrate the steps we’ve taken so far.

This time of year has always been a magical time for me personally, as it is ripe with hope and new beginnings. If you are interested in applying for coaching during this time, please contact me here and let me know what you want for coaching for. I will be selecting the small group by November 1st.