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The Firebelly Chronicles is an online interview show dedicated to supporting, inspiring, and empowering individuals pursuing the creative path–which is all of us. Whether you are a writer, a filmmaker, an entrepreneur, a climber, a chef, a brewer, a business owner, a producer, an actress, an actor, a songwriter, a musician, a make-up artist, a photographer, a publisher, or a network executive — The Firebelly Chronicles’ mission is to provide you with the necessary juice required in the creative’s recipe for success.

I believe that fire in your belly is what you were born to do, why else would it burn like it does? It is calling you. It is a constant reminder that you were put here for a purpose. That fire holds your potential, your true self, your truth.

Let’s face it, embarking on a creative path is rocky at times. Unlike a medical student who pursues her MD, the path to publishing your first book, directing your first film, or opening up your dream restaurant, is not so clear. We find ourselves feeling awkward. We second-guess ourselves, wondering if we should take a more “realistic” and “normal” route to success.

But, guess what?

Every person who has pursued a creative project or profession has felt these exact feelings. What I am interested in, is uncovering what these creatively successful individuals did to work through these uncomfortable feelings, and how they made it to the other side. All of our creative role models have been there, without a doubt. The Firebelly Chronicles unearths the invaluable tools and resources individuals can use on their road to their own creative success.


                                           Go for it!